We are proud distributors of world leading companies within casual fashion and have a great portfolio of brands within lifestyle and fashion for the Scandinavian market.



Inspired by the speed and grit of aviators, Avirex was born in New York City in 1975.

By the early 1980’s, we supplied military aviation apparel for the U.S. Air Force. America’s elite Ace pilots proudly wore our classic A2 style and Avirex quickly gained global recognition as a leader in leather bomber jackets.

Throughout the brand’s history, Avirex has become a magnet for icons from the music, sports, arts and celebrity worlds who wore the brand and defined Avirex as a status symbol.


In 1997, Jeff Staple walked into a boutique in New York City wearing a shirt he printed in his silkscreen class at Parsons School of Design. He had no intention of even wanting to start a brand. He walked out of that store with an order of 12 shirts. Staple was officially open for business.

Staple Pigeon is now a world renowned brand which reflects the gritty and
never-ending energy New Yorkers (and all urban dwellers) possess.


There was a simple philosophy that Manhattan Portage set out to achieve back in 1983, “New York Tough.” Almost thirty years later it is certainly ringing true. From Montreal to Melbourne, Osaka to Oslo, and Stockholm to San Francisco, Manhattan Portage’s line of bags are indeed everywhere and carried by everyone.

This nearly 30 year lifespan in the volatile fashion world, and in a town that embraces the designer-of-the-moment but does not suffer has-beens, is no small feat. Manhattan Portage has been able to avoid becoming another fleeting fad and withstand the test of time because their bags do.


Street Style was Sweden’s largest and first skateboard distributor and shop. The first store opened in 1988 on the street Olofsgatan in Stockholm. They activated the Swedish skateboarding in modern times, the entire generation of Swedish skaters today active is derived from Olofsgatan 12 in one way or another. 


These words, “One Goal. One Vison” summarize the idea that Alpinestars shares the same goal, and vision as our champion athletes. Champions put full focus and effort into achieving their goal. They prepare, train, and think intensively about racing and becoming a champion. 

We work with the fastest athletes on the planet to develop the safest products for riders and drivers of all skill levels. Innovation is key to this, and we strive to constantly improve our products for like-minded, passionate people who share a love for riding and racing as we do.


With the foundation of a long and proud heritage, world-renowned quality, innovation, and fashion forward styling, Bailey® continues to be a leader in the western, fashion and casual hat arena for men.

Bailey Hats has been around since 1922. This was (and is) an old and venerable company with a loyal following. The archives at Bailey are filled with mid-20th Century photographs of Hollywood giants like George Raft, Humphrey Bogart, Fred Astaire, etc. wearing their hats. Bailey is now manufactured in Adamstown, Pennsylvania – the styling, quality, details are pure America.


Old Guys Rule was created to embrace a new breed of guys who have incredible energy, a passion for life, wisdom gained from years of experience and the time to spend doing the activities they enjoy. Old Guys Rule should be worn as a badge of honor for a life well-spent, but not nearly over.

The Older I Get The Better It Was!


Seventy-five years ago in a remote corner of Northwest England, Kangol was officially born. Founder Jacques Spreiregen created the name by combining the K from knitting, the ANG from angora, and the OL from wool.

Today Kangol draws upon its rich heritage to define the product handwriting resulting in a creative fusion of British heritage from 1938 combined with its roots at the heart of the hip hop phenomenon of 1983, and mixing it with forward fashion to remain the most influential and famously recognised global headwear brand of all time.