Thrasher Magazine February 2018

Pedro Delfino came all the way from Florida to ride this virgin SF wave, thus sliding himself onto the February 2018 cover. Crack it open and the sickness persists! Travel-wise, the Atlantic Drift crew sailed across the sea from their wet island to the shores of SF to hit the hills and haunts of the city.

Hot off their recent full-length vid, Creature set out across the US for a 55-day, 29-state, 13,000 mile mission—insanity followed closely behind, and New Balance found themselves blessed (not stressed) in America’s heartland.

The Rust Belt always rages. Antonio Durao, Flo Mirtain and Madars Apse all get the Heads interview treatment, Burnout reminisces about meeting Mountain (Lance, that is), China Banks takes some historical (and present-day) hits, Ol’ Dirty Smolik talks Classic Graphics and James Fitz goes to war with the Hollywood 16 (over the fence, no less!) add to it a 20-page photo feature about rejecting and swerving authority (aka cops) and this one is so full of carnage it’s bleeding at the seams! It maybe be cold outside but this issue is pure fire.